animation course

Details of the animation course: Animation is a method for giving objects and characters life by making them seem to be in motion. To construct the animation sequence, an animator must employ a variety of techniques, including 2D hand drawing and 2D & 3D computer-generated models. After completing this course,Continue Reading


Introduction The world of animation is teeming with opportunities in today’s world dominated by visual media. An integral part of visual media is the animation and VFX industries. As the demand for creative people possessing skills in animation is rising, more job opportunities are being created. The world of filmmakingContinue Reading


Youngsters nowadays are shifting from the conventional job profiles and opting for newer ones. One of the industries that has proved to be hugely popular is the multimedia industry. Animation in particular is the field that has struck a chord with the job aspirants of the present generation. Animation isContinue Reading