The Basics of a Car Design Training

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Are you someone who is intrigued by car designs and properties? Do you enjoy knowing about the inner mechanisms of cars and other automobiles? If the answer is yes to even any one of the questions, then you are going to enjoy reading this article ahead.
We shall be breaking down the first impressions, highlighting features and the notable elements of car design. These basics entail the holistic approach towards car design in total.

Silhouette of the car

The very first impression which is created on the audience about a car is the silhouette. If you ever ask someone what they really like about any automobile, it will be the skeletal structure of it that they remember. Automobile engineering colleges also dedicate a lot of time teaching students about the importance of the same. Over the years, the incorporation of this style has changed in all the various types of cars and their models. The models have seen a shift over the years, and the models are named after those as well. Even if it’s a basic car like that of Maruti or something high end like Tesla; they are bound to change models.

So, the first thing that you kicked off the checklist in understanding this automotive is the silhouette and its impact.


Cars have the tendency to market themselves on the basis of how many people it can occupy. The occupant factor is essential in developing the model of any car. Automobile engineering jobs focused on research and development would entail these factors for sure. Most cars have a common occupancy of five or more. TATA Nano came to market a couple of years back proposing a car at an extremely cheap cost with four seated occupancies. Many cars have since then come up with smaller sizes and with less occupancy.

The preference depends upon the customer primarily. One needs to understand that the occupancy factor is very crucial in determining the overall epitomic nature of the vehicle. A large number of seats also means that one will have to spend more on the size of the car. A lot of people also choose to take cars which have smaller sizes. On the other hand, cars like Jeep are very popular for holding larger occupancy and being excellent in terms of their outer model. People are crazy about the Jeep structure for years now.

Proportion and alignment

Proportion and alignment are somewhat technical aspects of the same. Proportion means that all the aspects of the car should be in exact ratio with the desired inculcations. The engine, parts, weight and other features should not run away from being strong together. Any fluctuations in technical alignment can lead the car to malfunction or disintegrate in the long run.

You will learn about this is your automobile engineering course. It is very interesting to be able to pull off a whole design on their own with some knowledge of the proportion design. It makes the entire car structure stay intact and compact at the same time.
These were just some of the primary things which determine the basic features of a car with an automobile perspective. To learn more, join a professional vocational courses.

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