Top 5 Books To Prepare For The WBCS Exam

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Are you aspiring to crack the West Bengal Civil Services (WBCS) exam and looking for the best books to prepare? Well, you’re in the right place!

These book references will help you familiarize yourself with the exam pattern, time management, and improve your problem-solving and critical thinking skills. However, staying updated with current affairs through newspapers, magazines, and online portals is equally important.

In this blog, we will be discussing the top 5 books that can help you prepare effectively and increase your chances of success in the WBCS exam.

1. “WBCS General Studies Manual” by Nitin Singhania

wbcs general studies manual

Considered as the holy grail for WBCS aspirants, this book covers all the topics required for the General Studies section of the exam. From history, geography, polity, economics to current affairs, this book provides comprehensive coverage of the syllabus. The language is easy to understand, and it contains numerous practice questions to help you gauge your knowledge.

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2. “Indian Polity” by M. Laxmikanth

indian polity by M. Laxmikanth

Indian Polity is one of the most vital sections in the WBCS exam. This book by M. Laxmikanth is highly recommended for its detailed coverage of the Indian political system. It covers the various aspects of the constitution, parliament, judiciary, and other important topics related to the Indian polity. It also includes previous year’s question papers and practice exercises to strengthen your understanding.

3. “WBCS Preliminary Examination General Science Guide” by Kiran Publications


The General Science section in the WBCS exam requires a good understanding of basic scientific concepts. This book by Kiran Publications provides a detailed explanation of various concepts in physics, chemistry, biology, and environment. It also includes practice questions, previous year’s papers, and mock tests to help you assess your preparation level.

4. “WBCS Preliminary Examination Reasoning” by R.Gupta

The Reasoning section is an important part of the WBCS exam. This book by R.Gupta is specifically designed to improve your logical and analytical thinking skills. It covers various topics like analogies, directions, coding-decoding, blood relations, and more. The book includes numerous practice exercises with detailed solutions to enhance your problem-solving abilities.

5. “WBCS Main Examination English” by S.P. Bakshi

English is a crucial section in the WBCS exam, especially in the mains. This book by S.P. Bakshi focuses on improving your English language skills, including vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and writing. It provides ample practice exercises, previous year’s question papers, and tips to enhance your language proficiency.

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Choosing the right books for preparation is crucial to crack the WBCS exam. The books mentioned above are considered the best resources by successful candidates and experts. However, it is important to remember that simply relying on books will not guarantee success. Along with these books, it is essential to develop a consistent study plan, practice regularly, and stay updated with current affairs. With dedication and perseverance, you can certainly achieve your goal of clearing the WBCS exam and embark on a promising career in the civil services.

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