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After the world was hit by a pandemic, the only option that we were left with was to shift the majority of our activities to the online mode as much as possible. The population of the student community is huge and the best option that has emerged out of thisContinue Reading

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Understanding Poor Braking System To check for brake difficulties, stand on the pedal and push it down while observing and evaluating how the pedal feels beneath your foot. The steps that follow will tell you what to check for. Apply consistent pressure to the brake pedal when the car isContinue Reading

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What is VFX Software? The term “visual effects software” refers to software that is used to create, enhance, or modify images. These effects are particularly valuable in fields such as media and entertainment, where capturing a live event is nearly impossible. A VFX artist processes a scene or photo withContinue Reading

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Being a school student is one of the most amazing experiences that could possibly occur in the life of a person. Most people are of the opinion that you do not easily forget the golden memory that gets created during those fun years. While it is important for you toContinue Reading

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The importance and significance of visual media in today’s contemporary world cannot be denied. Our smart-phones have become hand-held theatres and we are in the grasp of visual media content. Be it the animated cartoons and movies we are fond of watching or the blockbuster films that we are fascinatedContinue Reading