How Long Does it Take to Learn VFX?

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The importance and significance of visual media in today’s contemporary world cannot be denied. Our smart-phones have become hand-held theatres and we are in the grasp of visual media content. Be it the animated cartoons and movies we are fond of watching or the blockbuster films that we are fascinated by, we constitute the audience that plays a big role in running the industry. The craze for superhero franchise and action films have increased to such an extent that more content is being produced in the industry. The demand for animators and VFX artists has increased tenfold as the technologically adept audience is looking for larger-than-life imagery in the video that they watch. As a result of the predominance of visual media, many viewers are getting interested in the technical aspect. The students who are interested in producing stunning visual scenes might consider pursuing a relevant course in VFX or Visual Effects. The leading VFX training institute in Kolkata is Strablast Animation which provides a variety of courses in VFX which would prepare you to launch a career in the industry of your choice. This blog details the various courses in VFX offered by Starblast Animation.

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ADVP – Advance VFX Pro

This course is the definitive course offered by this reputed animation institute. It has a duration of 2 years and a candidate with the minimum eligibility criterion of class 12 pass is able to enrol in this course. This course is divided into three modules in span of which students are taught on Advance Rotoscoping, Advance Paint and Cleanup, and Film Composting Pro. The various topics that the candidates get to learn about are Production Pipeline, Foundation of art and VFX, and Foundation of digital compositing among others.

ADRO – Advance Rotoscoping

This is one of the short courses that you can choose to do at this establishment. As a part of this course, students are taught the feature of rotoscoping which is quite common in the animation industry. This course can be applied for if you are class 12th pass or higher. Students have imparted lessons on Production Pipeline, History of VFX, VFX workflow, Introduction to digital art, and many more.

ADPC – Advance Paint & Cleanup

This course of 7 months is focused on the aspect of animation painting and cleaning. The diverse lessons granted to the students are on Foundation of art and VFX, Introduction to digital paint & clean up, Concept of the clean plate, and Concept of set extension. The requirement for candidates interested in enrolling in this course is class 12th pass or higher.

ADCP – Film Compositing Pro

The duration of the course is 1 year or 12 months in the term of which students are taught on both the basic as well as advanced topics of film composting. The course curriculum includes topics on the Foundation of digital compositing, Node and layer compositing, Colour theory, Matte paint, and Blending mode, and others. The student has to be 12th pass or higher in order to pursue this course.

VFX Break Down – Advance VFX Pro

ADMG – Advance Motion Graphics

This is another short-term course of 5 months where the students who have qualified at least class 12th can opt for. Basic animation with key frame, Text animation, and Logo animation are the various topics that are covered in the tenure of this course. Apart from these, students are also taught Modeling texturing in cinema 4d, and Advance title animation.


If you are worried about the commitment you have to put in once you decide to pursue a Visual Effects course after class 12th, the only advice to be given here is that you do not have to worry. Attending a VFX course is as beneficial as it is a seamless experience and you secure a job right after the completion of the course. If you are afraid to commit to the time required in order to successfully pursue this course, you are in luck as Starblast Animation offers an array of courses to suit the preference of the candidate. The expert faculty at Starblast is equipped with industry experience which makes the learning process of the students a rewarding one. In order to succeed in this industry, you need to have the ability to work in a team and creative skills. If you have been an artistically inclined person with an eye for detail, you should definitely proceed in this industry. The best VFX courses are offered by Starblast Animation as their practice-oriented courses ensure to equip the candidates with skills to make them ingenious creators.

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