What Do Vocational College Usually Offer?

Vocational Training Institute in Kolkata

Technical skill development for a particular career or trade is the main focus of vocational training. In contrast to the theoretical knowledge provided by the traditional formal education system, it provides you with practical expertise. You can select the best vocational training option for your professional growth and development by being aware of the various available options.

In this article, we define vocational training and examine some of the popular options for this type of training accessible in India.

Vocational training is the educational course of study that gets you ready for a job that needs specialised skills, like a technician or professional.

Accordingly, teaching in a classroom, providing hands-on training, or a mixture of the two may be involved in vocational courses. Outside of the educational system, vocational training is provided and results in a certificate or diploma.

Importance of Vocational Education in 2022

  • It provides instruction for specialised jobs and skills.
  • You can pursue occupational training in addition to or instead of a conventional school programme.
  • It makes you ready to start working in a high-paying job right away.
  • An impartial organisation certifies your skills once you complete your training at a vocational school, giving you an edge over those who have received less formal training.
  • After all, you can better execute your work as a result.
  • Students frequently participate more enthusiastically than in formal schooling since its benefits are plain and obvious.
  • For people who did not have a formal education or are unsure of whether they should enrol in school, it provides a learning opportunity.
  • Additionally, it presents a chance to develop the talents of your choosing and change careers.

Best Vocational Training Institute in Kolkata

The George Telegraph Training Institute (GTTI) is one of the leading institutes for vocational training courses in Kolkata. Not just in Kolkata, but students from all across West Bengal and East India come to study at this vocational college.

With a legacy that spans over 100 years, this institute has helped hundreds and thousands of students get their dream careers. There is a wide range of courses to choose from. Additionally, there are both diploma and certification courses which you can select from. You will be able to shape the best career for yourself with a course from this institute.

Here is a list of different vocational courses offered at The George Telegraph Training Institute (GTTI):

  • Automobile Engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Beauty and Wellness
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mobile Phone Repairing
  • HVAC Training
  • Paramedical Courses
  • DMLT
  • Computer Hardware and Networking and etc.

These are all professionally curated courses. Additionally, all the courses end up with students receiving 100% placement assistance. Everyone gets an opportunity to get a job at one of the top companies. Since The George Telegraph Training Institute (GTTI) has such a great reputation, some of the top companies in the industry choose to hire from here.

They also offer free of cost counseling to all students. Above all, feel free to reach out to them for more information regarding the same.

All the very best for your future career endeavors!

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