Which app is best for Online Tuition Classes?

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As the world around us is evolving, we are acquiring newer technologies and equipments to work with. What seemed a fantasy to our parents and grandparents has become a reality for us. Education facilitated by digital means was unimaginable by previous generations. It has proved to be a blessing for the contemporary students and is here to stay.

Online education has ushered in a new age in the field of education and its progress. Digital development of the nation is underway and digital education only can be proved helpful to acquire digital evolution of society and economy. When pandemic suspended physical classes, this mode of learning came to the fore. Most educational institutions adopted this helpful online mode of teaching. As the best alternative to chalk-and-talk mode of instruction, more learners and educators are warming up to this.

As a resident of West Bengal if you are looking forward to study online, you can doubtlessly rely on the Tutopia learning app. Educational apps and websites are available in plenty. You have to choose carefully. Install the Tutopia learning app now to explore the amazingly helpful features.

Why is Tutopia the best app?

The pandemic adversely affected the status of the education. This was specially the case for the students of the West Bengal board. Most of the content available digitally uses English as the medium of instruction. Tutopia is a unique app which provides the study content exclusively in the Bengali language. Students no longer have to hunt for a teacher or face the problem of the language barrier.

Some of us still have doubts about the benefits of online learning. For the skeptical ones, this article elaborates the numerous advantages offered by this reputed app.

  • Tutopia app has 2D & 3D animated, HD quality videos that convey the lessons in a storytelling manner. The learners find it quite attractive, interesting and engaging¬†study.
  • It offers live audio-visual tuition classes that would help you to cover the concepts in your syllabus.
  • This platform provides chapter-wise notes to help you supplement what you have learnt in the live and interactive classes.
  • Tutopia offers regular revision sessions and time-based tests. This helps you to master the concepts and be exam-ready.
  • This learning app has the option of instant doubt resolution. Students no longer have to wait endlessly to get a doubt cleared.

What are the Advantages of Tutopia?

Individualized learning experience 

A drawback of the traditional mode of learning was that students had to proceed in the pace and manner dictated by the instructors. With the digital format, you can choose your time and pace of learning.

Smarter students

As the students are exposed to newer tools and technologies, they become smarter and more efficient. The diverse advanced resources help them to become self-dependent and expert learners.

Unlimited information

As the digital universe has opened up to us, we have several opportunities to take advantage of. Unlike the physical resources which are limited and expensive, internet offers numerous materials.

High engagement learning

Online mode of learning facilitates higher level of engagement between teachers and students. Through the help of social media platforms, we have increased level of interaction.

Thinking about online classes app download to prepare school studies?

Visit the website of Tutopia today to check out the helpful features offered by them. If you want to excel in your school examinations, take help of this top educational app.

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