How Do You Get A Job in the Animation Industry?


Although it is an offbeat choice as a career option yet if you are talented and skilled enough then you can become a highly successful and popular animator.

The field of animation is competitive but if you are driven and determined to build a career in the animation industry, you need to be aware of what would land you a job.

The animation industry is growing faster than ever and is teeming with opportunities, so it would be quite productive if you want a career that is productive and exciting.

Read this blog in order to know how you can successfully land a job in the animation industry.

What are the Job Positions you can aspire for?

While you are looking to build a career as an animator there are many options available in both two-dimensional (2D) animation and three-dimensional (3D) animations.

The generally available job positions in the sphere of animation are –

  • Animation director
  • Asset supervisor
  • Production manager
  • Pre-production supervisor
  • Post-production
  • Animator
  • Modeling and texture artist
  • Lighting artist

What would Get Me A Job in the Animation Industry?

3d animation course

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to get the opportunity of developing a career in the animation industry.

Keep Enhancing and Polishing Your Drawing Skills

Irrespective of whether you want to be a 3D modeler or a 3D animator, you need to have impeccable drawing skills.

Make it a regular habit to practice and augment your design and illustration skills.

Nurture Strong Industry-relevant Software Skills

Although you might possess adequate familiarity with one or two special software you have to keep in mind the software that are in vogue in the industry.

If you are seeking a career as a 3D animator, you have to be familiar with the software Maya and Houdini which are among the top preferred software used by animators.

Prepare a Remarkable Showreel, Portfolio, and Impressive CV

While applying for jobs at animation studios, make sure that you have a remarkable showreel and portfolio of your best work along with a concise and crisp CV.

Do not unnecessarily elongate what can be achieved in short videos. Moreover, try to make it as interesting and enthusiastic as possible since you do not want your potential employer to be bored but rather intrigued.

Share and Get Inspired by Bechance

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This platform helps you by providing you an opportunity to work as a freelancer and develop and sharpen your skills.

Personal Projects

The easiest way to showcase your skills and talent is by working on diverse projects.

Having the experience of working on a project is immensely beneficial as it not only makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants but also equips you with practical knowledge.

Low Pay, Freelance Work

Working on several freelancing projects just for the sake of decorating your CV our acquiring the requisite skills can prove to be not fruitful in the long run.

Make sure that you get paid well for the freelance jobs that you do which again you have to be choosy about.

Studio Outreach – Email, Phone, and Snail Mail

While you thought of pursuing a career in animation you probably had some dream companies in your mind that you want to work for.

List down the animation studio, advertising agency, video production company, and graphic design house you picture yourself working for and send out cold/ snail mails to them along with your attached CV.

Aim to Get Hold of Those Junior Animation Job Roles

While it is a laudable attempt to acquire and augment your skills, try and get hold of those junior animator roles before you aim at catching a bigger and better fish.

The pay might not be satisfactory but after serving in smaller positions you can certainly boast about it in your Resume and get preferred by the employers as job aspirants with prior experience are preferred.

Find a Way to Keep Your Passion Ignited

While it might take a while for you to get appointed by the reputed company of your preference, nonetheless you must not get disheartened but rather keep your passion alive and active.

Maintaining your passion is the only way that would help you to not get waylaid but work harder to make your dream come true.

Be Persistent

As in everything else, persistence is the chief thing. Without being steadfast in your goal, you would not achieve anything.

Keep yourself optimistic and motivated to not get waylaid or discouraged by initial failed attempts. Great rewards come in the way of diligent and sincere aspirants.

Which Institute Should I Choose?

Starblast Animation is the most preferred institute for doing an animation course in Kolkata at the present moment.

The faculty with impressive industry experience teaches you in such a manner that you learn all the nitty-gritty required to work in this industry.

Apart from offering courses in animation, this reputed institution also offers a comprehensive VFX course that would help you to launch your career in the filmmaking industry.

This animation institute should be your first choice as it not only offers training-oriented courses but also help you to be familiar with the requisite skills and software.

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