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If you are a fresher who is new to the field of designing and multimedia would often be confused as to what is the difference between a web designer and a graphic designer. Both of these spheres are distinctly separate yet both are interconnected and related at one level or another. We can think of design as an umbrella under which fall the subcategories of web design and graphic design. In this blog, we will try to explain in a very lucid way what each of the tasks entails and how they are connected with each other. If you are interested in pursuing Graphic and Web Designing courses in Kolkata, you should definitely check out the website of George Animatrix which is an outstanding institute offering diverse job-oriented courses.


What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design focuses on creating graphics, combining photographs with typography in order to convey an idea. Conventionally, graphic designers have worked on logos and print designs like posters, brochures, magazines, book layouts, and packaging. As technology has evolved, so has the nature of the work of graphic designers. At present, they are more inclined to create digital assets on the web and graphics.

Graphic designers need to have a deep understanding of the core design tactics. Having a thorough concept of design elements like typography, colour theory, visual hierarchy, and layout is integral to graphic designing. They make use of well-known software like InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator in order to produce their work.


What is Web Design?

Web Design is the process by which the visual look and feel of a website is created. Web designers generally focus on planning the user experience of a website, wireframe layouts, organise content and images in a manner that tells a story, and designing the final User Interface (UI).

Web designers also need to master the fundamentals of design that graphic designers have to learn. Consequently, they are required to have the knowledge of how to make application of typography, colour, hierarchy, and layout designing for the UI for websites.


How are Web Design and Graphic Design interconnected?

Graphics and Web design

Mastering the fundamental aspects of design

Both web design and graphic design require you to possess some knowledge of the fundamentals used in designing. Have a clear concept of how to use typography, and colour to add a clear level of hierarchy to your design. While there are technical differences between the two fields of designing yet both require the same sort of design skills at the core.


Stay up-to-date with the Latest Trends

In order to obtain a successful career in your chosen domain of design, you have to be acquainted with the latest and trending skills. At times you may feel like giving the design an ancient feeling but it is always preferable to go with something trending and modern especially when it comes to web designing. This is precisely why brands redesign their websites frequently in order to keep up with the demand of the time. In order to keep the business relevant and suitable for the upcoming generation, it is crucial that the designs of the websites are updated and altered from time to time.


Creative Problem Solving

Both web and Graphic Design demands the designer-artist to be a creative problem-solver for the client. Art has no practical purpose as such as it just has to be pleasant on the eyes while the design does have a purpose. It is the responsibility of the designer to solve a problem, communicate an idea but the difference is in the medium. Web designers creatively solve problems through the creation of well-designed websites that convert users to customers. Graphic designers on the other hand solve the troubles they face creatively by educating a potential customer through the help of logo, branding, or printed materials.


Effective Communication

No matter what type of designer you need to have advanced communication skills. Whether you are designing a website for a company or creating a print advertisement, you have to communicate with your clients comprehensively. You have to be aware of what questions to ask the client as only that will lead to a better outcome in terms of the design created. There are things that they would want to be incorporated in their project and as and when you communicate with them adequately you will get to see the vision of what they are trying to achieve.


Final Words

Although these are some of the major areas where these two different strands of designs come together yet there are differences in them as well. If you want to pursue a career in the field of web design, graphic design, and/or the industry of animation and VFX you have to opt for a suitable course from George Animatrix which provides career-oriented and student-centric courses. In the contemporary digital world, it would be an absolutely wise decision to build a career in the industry of multimedia and animation as the demand for web designers and graphic designers is increasing. If you have been thinking of doing a course in graphic designing in Kolkata you have to check out the website of Animatrix today to know about the course in detail.

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