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Being a school student is one of the most amazing experiences that could possibly occur in the life of a person. Most people are of the opinion that you do not easily forget the golden memory that gets created during those fun years. While it is important for you toContinue Reading

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The importance and significance of visual media in today’s contemporary world cannot be denied. Our smart-phones have become hand-held theatres and we are in the grasp of visual media content. Be it the animated cartoons and movies we are fond of watching or the blockbuster films that we are fascinatedContinue Reading

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The contemporary world is consuming visual content faster than any previous generation did. In order to keep up with the demand of the technologically-informed generation, it has become quite important to create relevant content that would satiate the demand. As the world of animation and filmmaking is taking giant stepsContinue Reading

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In India, beauticians and parlour specialists are in growing market. In the market for raining beauticians, there is a lot of demand. India’s beauty and wellness business is one of the world’s largest. In India, three times as many beauticians are hired than in American or European nations around theContinue Reading